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Online Poker Rules

Playing poker online can be a good chance for beginners to get a lot of practice before they jump in to the real games. However, knowing all the basic rules and mistakes of the game is essential if you want to play well.

Hand Ranks

The basic thing to understand is the ranks of the hands. The lowest hands are the high card ones, followed in order by a pair, two pairs, three of a king hand, straight, flush, full house and then a straight flush and a royal flush.

High Cards

If two players on a table have totally different hands then the one with the highest value card would win. But if the cards on the board are higher than the hands of either of the opponents then the pot would be split between both the players. To consider an example, if your opponent holds a 6h 9s and you have a 5h 9d and the board has Qh, 8s, 7h, Kd and Js. In this case it would be a tie.

Two Pairs

The player who has the highest pair would win. The pairs on the board and your hands would both be considered. If the board has a 3,7,9 and K and you have a 9 7 then it would be higher than your opponents cards of Ace pair. The pair on the board would not really help you in this situation since you already have two pairs. If there is a pair on the board you must keep in mind that your two pairs might be in trouble.


You must remember that an Ace can be used as a high or a low card but it cannot go in the middle in a straight. For example a straight can be A 2 3 4 5 or it could also be 10 J Q K A but it cannot be a K A 2 3 4. It would only be considered as a A high card. When there is an ace to five straight, the player who has that hand would win the hand, except for that the one who has the highest card in the straight would win the pot.


if two or more players have a flush then the winner would be the one who would hold the high ranking card, except for when the five cards on the board make up the flush and is higher than the players’ cards.

Poker Quotes

In the long run there's no luck in poker, but the short run is longer than most people know.
Rick Bennet

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