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Mickey Appleman Is a Quadruple World Series of Poker Winner

Mickey Appleman is a poker legend. It would be better to say that he is a gambling hero, as he his gambling spirit impresses a lot. He tried his premonition not only in poker but in sports betting too. He even fulfilled the responsibilities of the sports handicapper.

Appleman was born on Long Island and now he lives in Fort Lee, New Jersey. His gambling accomplishments impress with the variety. For example, his first WSOP bracelet he won in 1980 in Limit 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo. The next bracelet came to him in 12 years in No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball. Then, in 1995 he made his way to the third WSOP bracelet in Limit Hold'em. Eight years after he came back on the aggressive way, when he won WSOP in Pot Limit Hold'em.

But it does not mean that he was not an active player in other years. In 1982, 1984, 1986 he took third places in the Annual World Series of Poker. His places in different years were different.

Lately he gave up a professional career of the poker player. He says that his beloved game is Texas Hold'em. He started participating in the WSOP tournaments in 1975. His total winning in the poker career exceed $1,76 million.

When he graduated from Rutgers, he started teaching statistics. He was learning from the best players, very often he would just watch them play and learn more and more.

Except World Series of Poker he won U.S. Poker Championship in Limit Hold'em. It happened in 2002, where he got $24,400. It is really weird that in WSOP in 2010 he took 156th place in No Limit Hold'em. It seems that he started loosing his mojo or just is tired of all that.

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