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Basic Omaha Hi Lo Poker Rules

In general Omaha Hi LO poker rules are almost the same as the rules of traditional Omaha but with one distinction. Just like slots games are much similar to another online casino game - video poker according to slots information sites. This is the presence of Low hand or the so-called "Low" winner.

Omaha Hi Lo specific features

According to the tricky Omaha Hi Lo poker rules two players share the game pot. Like in regular Omaha poker games the High winner is the player who holds the strongest five-cards hand. The Low winner has to obtain the weakest hand that consists of five different cards lower than 9. Like in High Omaha the players are allowed to use their two hole cards and only three of the community cards to form the hand.

So, according to Omaha Hi Lo poker rules in this game the pot is split 50/50. If it happens that there are two Low hands of the same value the Low players split the half of the whole pot. Thus each of the Low winners gets the quarter of the current pot.

Remember, that in case no player holds the low hand (there are not at least three different cards lower than 9 in the hand) the whole pot is awarded to the High winner.

The best Low hand in this Omaha poker game is A, 2, 3, 4, 5. So, you can see that in Omaha Hi Lo poker Ace can be both used as the highest and the lowest card. In addition, some casinos do not allow flushes for the low hands while in some of the poker rooms the Low hand can contain the flush.

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My Kings are a coin flip aginst your Aces.

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