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Hi Omaha Poker Rule Info

Try something new besides Texas Hold'em, for example, the world's famous Omaha. There are lots of variations of each game like the slots information game, the blackjack strategy game and poker is no exception. Omaha poker is among the most popular poker variants because of its similarity with Texas Hold'em. Hi Omaha poker rule is quite easy and it is different from the Hold’em rules only by some points. The main difference is that in Hi Omaha the gamblers after the blind bets posting are dealt four pocket cards each. After that five exposed community cards appear on the table followed by betting round each. In showdown the poker players reveal the hands. Not like in Holdem in Omaha the poker player has to use two of the hole cards and only three of the community cards to make the poker hands. This is one more difference of Hi Omaha. In Hi Omaha poker as in Texas Hold’em the standard hand ranks are applied at most land and online casino.


  • Blinds posting
  • Preflop. Four hole cards are dealt
  • Betting
  • Flop. Three community cards are placed on the table
  • Betting
  • Turn.One more community card is dealt
  • Betting
  • River. The last community card appear on the board
  • Betting
  • Showdown. The hands are checked and the pot is awarded. The gameplay is ended.

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Omaha is a game that was invented by a Sadist and is played by Masochists.
Shane Smith

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