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WSOP 2012 winner - Greg Merson

To many people Texas Hold’em poker is their game of choice over any sport, to some it is considered on a level with chess in strategy. It is a game that can be enjoyed by all be it just a fun game on a Friday night for nothing but bragging rights over your friends or for real money where one false move and you are out of the tournament. Many people play for hours online at sites like Betfair where they can either play for real money or fake play chips. Poker is not just a simple game of luck, even if the game comes down to which card comes next the main focus is on both keeping track of the odds and the other players, and trying to predict both in order to make the right choices of if they should stay in the hand or fold out. Poker is an intense game of twists and turns and so is perfect for television; it is watched world-wide by millions of people and so winners of big tournaments will often find themselves with some fame.

Greg Merson is just such a person; with a win at this year’s World Series of Poker main event winning over eight and a half million dollars beating over six thousand people along the way Greg has tasted success. This was Greg’s first live tournament win - mainly because he mostly plays online tournaments like those found at Betfair. Before this year’s win Greg had dropped out of university in order to play full time however failed to really do well enough, so ended up back at community college. He has admitted to being addicted to cocaine but has also been able to break his addiction and carry on with his life.

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